We decided to start this website, due to the amount of concerns we are currently receiving. There are many Software providers, Brokers and systems in Binary options. Some good, some bad, now we are here to help you.



We provide weekly, if not daily reviews; depending on the time it takes us to investigate the product or broker. All information will be provided. Brokers and Software’s could possibly try to exploit you for money. If you are unsure about any product or broker, you may inform us before hand, and we will endeavor to help you!

We review any and all:

  • Signal Providers
  • Training Company’s
  • Auto Traders
  • Software products
  • Binary Option Brokers

And much more!!!


We are happy to investigate any product, this means if you feel that you have been scammed, we can help.

You could also help us stop these software providers from scamming other individuals by informing us as soon as possible; you can find all our contact details on our “Contact US” Page. Investigating products is our specialty, and we will put our own money upfront to iron out these problems and expose them.

Brokers are another matter they can provide you with hidden fees and also hidden terms and conditions. Inform us as soon as possible if there is a problem that you have experienced and we will help.


Our goal is to create a safe trading environment for all traders, as we wish for everyone to pull together to provide a safe trading experience. Binary Options can be a safe place to trade with the right broker and product to follow. We will help in anyway we can, we will beat those scams.

We look forward to hearing from you and your experiences in Binary Options.

Thank you, From the Binaryoptionsproductreview.com Team!! Happy trading.