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Hello once again everyone! Binary Option Club, Today I am here to talk about another trading software, but not the usual stuff we are most used to seeing.

It’s a huge relief for myself as the writer here at Binary Options Product Review to have the chance to write about something that’s not basically a “clone” of the last product reviewed. Great, let’s get stuck in!


This software, Binary option club, IS NOT your average scam autotrader.

I wanted to make that clear before I did anything else. So, how does Binary option club work? OK, it is so simple it’s almost laughable through what I’ve seen already.

The software provides us with 6 professional traders to choose from.

These 6 people each have their own trading schedule all doing different time slots as to cover the 24 hours in a day between them 5 days a week.

Their trading schedule/timetable is on the website so we can all see it and in case we have a preferred trader we would like to select.

These professional traders trade for themselves and the software allows us to copy the one we decided to select.

If these people weren’t real traders knowing what they are doing then it could be a bad idea, but it isn’t the case since they are very much professionals after all.

Obviously, you choose to copy someone who knows at your own risk since you are putting things in the hands of another.

No one is perfect and won’t be accurate 100% of the time, but these traders seem to have been very carefully selected.

From the quick use I’ve given it already I can say that they are very accurate in their predictions every time.


I have to say this is very interesting to see on a binary options website. I’ve had a thorough look through every piece of information they have to offer in the “free university” section.

It’s down to the detail as much as possible without going on for days that is and it’s all accurate to my understanding, not misleading.

We are offered information on binary options, on what they are and how they work aswell as a bit on how manual trading works and can earn you money.

This I consider to be very important stuff to know before you start trading even if it is straight forward. It’s good to see they are giving us the information we really need for once.

Binary Option Club

In the sales video all the stuff you’d expect is covered. We are told that we need to know what’s going on in the world around us politically, economically and so many other ways.

You never see this information on doing your own technical and fundamental analysis in scam software’s since they aren’t interested in us learning to trade and actually earning any money. This is where Binary option club proves it’s worth already.

When I advise people on where to go and what to do through my Skype I make sure to tell them all of this info on where to look for good analysis before you enter a trade.

So I am very happy to see that these people are actually giving out useful information that I can confirm is true.


Yes, these people are being realistic.

They aren’t sitting there telling us simply everything we want to hear making it sound to good to be true.

I also like how it is in no way misleading and aimed at naive desperate people like an everyday trading scam would be.

They are realistic about the amounts that CAN POTENTIALLY be earned and aren’t lying to us daring to promise or guarantee us staggering figures such as thousands per hour like it’s a sure thing.

As I always make sure to tell you, binary options trading like any other form of trading, has it’s risks no matter how legit the service might be.

Binary option club is being honest with us and is going straight to what’s important and of our concern.

Robot traders aren’t going to earn us any money as we ourselves have mentioned in numerous occasions.

This is exactly how it is and they explain why a robot WILL NOT be any good long term.

Above all honesty and these people realize the world they are in and aren’t claiming to be an original service or even “the first” or “only one out there”.

They aren’t treating us like we are idiots and haven’t seen a binary options scam software before. About time someone decent appeared!

My verdict today on Binary option club is that it is playing by the rules and isn’t lying to our faces.

This is all real information we are given which can easily be checked on the internet and through many other sources. We are using it and it’s so far living up to the expectations we had for it.

A LEGIT “trade replicator” or “copy trader” to follow the best trades which will work for those with more and less trading experience.


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