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Etoro is a brokerage company for financial investments founded back in 2006. As I’ve indicated in the title above Etoro is categorized as a “Social trading network” which might sound like quite a modern term to some.

When we think of a social network, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Facebook or something similar, right? Well, this is a similar concept in a way.


Etoro, not unlike Facebook and other social networks, literally brings the whole world together in one place without having to move anywhere.

The biggest difference is that Etoro is designed for users who are interested specifically in trading. As this is a company that performs on a worldwide scale they also offer us language preferences where most companies do not.

Through becoming a member with Etoro we will be able to trade all sorts of different assets such as stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, etc. I had a good look through everything they have to offer on their site and was pleasantly surprised at everything they have to offer.


I particularly liked how they had loads of very useful and easy to understand information on different assets available to trade. This information can come in to be very handy to know where you should be trading right now and where you perhaps shouldn’t be, keeping the risk to a minimum at all times.

As a little extra “something” for helping them become an even bigger community and spreading the word it seems Etoro gives out a $100 for each friend you’ve successfully invited. This came as a bit of a shock to me as I’d never seen this strategy used in this world as of yet. Well, if nothing else it definitely shows that these people are confident in their service. Definitely a good start to things!


The other day I stumbled upon a Wikipedia page on this company giving us all the information we need on it’s history, operations, regulations and more. I read through it all as I was pretty happy that an external source of info was available.

Every bit of information I found elsewhere outside the official website coincided with everything they had to say about themselves meaning that they aren’t lying to us.


Yoni Assia(CEO) and an official Etoro team exist. This is very positive information on the company itself. Most of the time I talk about scam companies and these usually don’t have a developing team(Which is very shady) or you search for their CEO/founder and find that this person doesn’t really exist.

This is not the case with Etoro. This information along with the fact that Etoro has been around for over a decade now easily means that they are worth our trust.


There is no dodgy sales video selling us an unrealistic product. I liked this particularly. It’s been kept simple without all those false promises everywhere clouding the true profile of the company.

I stand by “If a service works then it will sell and speak for itself and won’t need all that pushing and forcing you to buy it”.

The website has a very professional look to it with all the info you could need on the company with “skipping out” on all the important details we need to know. It’s all there for us to see. I actually found it to be quite an appealing service after a thorough investigation.

With safe deposits protecting you through SSL(Secure Socket Layer technology) and various deposit methods available aswell as official regulations backing up everything we can see there really isn’t anything negative I can really say about them at first.

Etoro has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel and even the United Kingdom. Regulations include FCA and CYSEC. All of this along with an official registration number for the company brings us proof of the company’s worth.

If I have to put down something negative about the company then this would be that it doesn’t operate with US clients due to the laws their on financial investing. This all good in a sense though because this means they are going by the books and the law aswell.


This feature has to be easily the biggest and best thing about Etoro. What is copy trading?

Literally what it says. It’s a form of trading where we can select a trader from the community and copy his/her trades at our own risk. Obviously Etoro will let us know which traders are the top performers so we don’t make a big mistake.

Aswell as being able to copy someone else’s trades we can also become that trader that’s copied by others with it’s added benefits. People aren’t just going to “sponge” off of your talent as a trader.

What happens is that if you are an experienced trader and have a high ITM then it’s worth having people copy your trades because you will be paid an extra income from guiding others to victory.

To me that sounds like a pretty good deal since you can help others while you do your everyday trading at the same time and earn a little extra on top. This is most definitely the “social” part of Etoro.

You can choose to follow other traders like you would when working in a social network and search the Etoro ranking to find the profiles of the best investors to copy.

By following and copying a successful investors trades you’ll be able to learn this persons trading style and do it yourself in due time. It’s a great opportunity and I don’t know another service like this one truthfully.


Etoro has everything, that a trader needs. I had heard about them a few years back already before I had even started writing reviews for BOPR. Knowing they are still around and are giving us good reason to believe in them has to mean they are doing something right.

That is really all we need to hear when it comes down to a service, knowing that they are being completely honest with us. Etoro is clearly official, legit company looking to expand their trading community. They have all the right licenses and regulations on their side and don’t seem to be hiding anything from us at all.


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