Option Robot Scam Review

Option Robot Scam Review

Is Option Robot a scam?

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Hello everyone, welcome back to Binary Options Product Review and today we are looking into Option Robot which is the new best thing that is out there so far this month. Unbelievable considering how bad this month has been. Now, listen to us when we say this but this software has already hit us up to a balance of 725€ from a deposit of 250€ in only 2 days. 75% In the money and we still can not believe it. Seems like a miracle if you think about it. But at the end of the day we need to understand why we are hitting that number. Now the software itself is an Autotrader and a Signal Provider with Manual input aswell. I was told about this software from multiple people and subscribers wanting me to test this asap, and so we did with amazing success. We will post any updates at the bottom of the page so stay tuned.

The Setting’s used for Option Robot

Please watch the full video –

Option Robot Option Robot

The Design –

The design itself looks very presentable and is the definition professionalism – We love the colours and also the way everything is navigational, what we mean by this is, with the Option Robot you can move around freely and also control where you want to go more easily. The setting’s page has a good layout where you are able to click and slide the setting’s you want and also with this unique design with option robot you are able to click on the signals and also check for your Trade History better, aswell as the active trade section.

The Trade history –

Below are the screen shots of some of the trades, I will be uploading a video showing the trades in action but until i have pieced it together here are the screen shots I was able to quickly snap. Option Robot Option Robot

The Conclusion – 

The fact that the software or robot is not a scam so far leads us to believe that this software might actually make a difference in this world of binary options. I am not saying it is perfect because in life nothing is. But you must remember, if you are unsure of anything you can contact us anytime on Skype or by Email which is what we recommend you do. We have a healthy account balance and will continue to push this out until the very end and will continue also to post regular updates on this robot as it seems we have found the diamond in the rough.


PLEASE NOTE – There is something everybody must know, a popular myth around auto-trading applications. They are very rarely algorithms that execute trades automatically and people do get this wrong, they may use algorithms to identify trades, but make no mistake, there’s a team of people behind this software that are probably more stressed than any of us here, but they have your best interest at heart here. The 75% ITM proves this.

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