1K Daily Profit Scam Review




Hello everyone! It’s time to get stuck into to yet another sales video. 1k DAILY PROFIT!!

What will the verdict be today? Carry on reading to find out.


So, the very very beginning of the video already starts off shady. We have someone we don’t know telling us that we have been invited privately by a “friend of his”. Who is he talking about?


Apparently they even think highly of us, but strange thing is we have no idea who this person could be. This “invite” system that these videos use to grasp your attention is a load of lies. Honestly, this video already smells rotten and is no way private. In fact, it’s more public than the park you have near you!

In theory we are 1 of 25 “lucky” people to be getting an invite, but i bet anything there are more people reviewing this than just 25(Just writing about it!), let alone others like you at home getting it pop up everywhere you go without asking for it.1k daily profit

This in every way feels extremely shady, no matter how i look at it. Like, why would you state at the beginning of the video “this is not another one of those scam videos”? Why?!

If someone goes around selling rubbish saying “I’m not selling rubbish” doesn’t make what I’m being presented any better. I can still clearly see that you are selling rubbish! Let your product speak for itself and it will sell. Completely unnecessary…


This title says everything, doesn’t it? Come on! How can we ALL start living the 1% lifestyle just like that if it’s called the 1% lifestyle?!

Duh! I mean, it wouldn’t be the 1% lifestyle if 100% of us lived it. This said, what they mean is we can all start living what the world’s richest live daily, but still doesn’t add up.

First of all, think about it. If we all have billions in our pockets then how much would food need to cost? Clothes? Not even getting into property or luxuries here…

Money has the value it has because there less of it (in theory). Really there’s a 1% more or less that have most of it, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

Case being that this is simply ridiculous. I stand here like “Sure! Make me rich this instant for FREE”.


They love  to make it look easy, don’t they? God…it’s just got me cracking up.

None of it makes sense and this John Becker guy we don’t even see on screen gives us no reason to believe him. Not one reason! I’m going to be very clear about this…Auto trading, at least the way our guy John puts it, IS NOT A THING.

1k daily profit

Why would you trust a robot with your money?

What’s more, he’s just told us this wouldn’t consist of bots and that they don’t work. He’s contradicting himself and has no idea what he’s talking about.

This guy John Becker is not a trader and clearly doesn’t understand the financial markets one bit. It’s not wise to put all your money into one trade, this is called money management which is basics 101 and this guy has none of. Sure, he plays it off like it’s his faith in the system working, but this isn’t the case here.

We can’t be as trusting as he is when it comes to this.


I actually looked up John Becker like you should to see who he is, but not too my surprise he doesn’t exist. You can have a look yourself anywhere, but THIS guy does not leave a trace because he’s made it up.

We can’t trust a person who doesn’t exist and won’t show his face first and the same goes for his “money printer”.

There’s no talk of brokers available, qualifications in perhaps business, markets, economics…nothing! We CAN’T trust this person. Myself and especially Seb have been in this for a long time now and seen it all.

We’ve more than seen enough here to know that this guy is telling you nothing and the reason is because he doesn’t know anything about trading.


As if I actually needed to say it, but I will make it official that THIS IS A HUGE SCAM. Clear as day. There is no John Becker therefore no real system. All this is is a system for these people to make money from us being extra gullible and desperate falling into this scheme. They started off by saying that it’s not like anything else we’ve seen before, well if you like you can have a look at any other scam we’ve exposed and reviewed in the past and see exactly how similar they are. It’s scary how they are literally a clone of one another all the time. IT IS ALL LIES.


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