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The website

When looking at the Equinox site first, and I mean when it loads directly, without even scrolling down the page, there a couple of things that catch your attention and stand out as quite ‘scammy’.

These things I’m sure you’ve come to know yourself but I will point them out for those of you who aren’t quite sure what to look out for.

Firstly, you will notice in the top right that there is a countdown clock stating your ‘Time Left’. This starts at 14 minutes and counts downs until you either refresh the page or it gets to zero.

Now let me be clear, when it gets to zero absolutely nothing will change. You have not missed your chance to join Equinox and there are unlimited spaces to all of these scam software.

Likewise if you refresh the page, nothing will happen, it will simply start again at 14 minutes. Try it yourself!


Secondly, they claim to be the most consistent trading software and they will help you earn a ‘GUARANTEED’ $10,000 a month. How do they know Equinox is the most consistent trading software?

Where is the proof? It’s a very bold statement for a new software to make, especially when there are other software that aren’t scams and are genuinely consistent. Then you look at the amount they are claiming you can make. Now, with some of the decent software we’ve looked at, earning 10,000 in a month is definitely possible.


However, you should remember that Equinox is an autotrading software, not a manual software and you not reach that kind of number in a month using an autotrader.

The whole basis of being successful in binary options trading, is by knowing what to look out for a making those trades yourself by using the knowledge you’ve gained.

A machine that is set to auto trade does not take into account information that our brain would. Therefore, you should always check that the software you’re looking at is a manual trader and not auto.

There are a few other tricks on the site that are typical for these types of software however we can look at them next time as they are a common trend.


When you watch the video presented on the page you will quickly learn that Equinox was founded and is run by an ‘Anthony Johnson’.

He begins with saying that he is giving you the opportunity to become a beta tester for this software. He says that since its creation 2 years ago, it has earned 14 million dollars for its users. This is quickly de-bunked by checking the registration date of the software.


The Equinox was registered as a website in 2017. So how exactly was this money earned over the past 2 years? He also claims a 96% success rate, in general anything claiming over than 80% is a scam, as those numbers are incredibly hard to get. Due to the fact that we clearly proved his first two statements as false, I simply took a look at Anthony Johnson himself and low and behold, this man is an actor and has nothing got to do with this software asides from being paid to make that video.


From the start, this website shows signs of being a scam and in a very quick fashion we have managed to show that Equinox is just that. Their CEO and Founder is a scam. Their success rate is a joke and their profit is false. This has scam written all over it and I would suggest you stay away from this one. Check out some of the other software that we’re using successfully if you’d like something to use but stay away from this one.

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