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Another day, another scam, but today we’re going to be looking at something slightly different to what we usually do. HB SWISS Forex Trading Robot….

There won’t be much of a difference while looking at this software compared to the others however it is forex, and not binary options. Let’s take a look:


Ok, so it’s not hard to see from the name HB SWISS, that they are claiming to be a ‘Swiss’ company and of course, that means the theme of their website is all Switzerland based.

HB Swiss

They have pictures in the background along with the flag and even the ‘developer’ is a Swiss man.

The problem with this is that, firstly I don’t believe that these people are actually Swiss and secondly, they are just trying to get you to feel as though they can be trusted.

It is typical these days that something of high quality will be stamped with the Swiss flag because most products made there are made right.

I’m going to assume this is not one of them though.

Asides from the theme there are a couple of things that stand out quite clearly as being part of a scam at HB Swiss.

It says it’s 100% free. It’s not, you will always have to deposit a minimum of 250$.

Then you can scroll a little more and see some fake testimonials.


They are shown to have come from their Facebook page, however I checked that page and their likes are paid for, leading me to really believe this is a scam. I also searched the images in google and lo and behold they were taken from another site.

It’s not looking very well for the HB Swiss at the moment.

Passed the fake testimonials, you will see a template of the software layout.

Definitely one we have seen before, doesn’t always mean the product is a scam but in this case I’m going to say it is.

Another scam feature on this site, is the pop up that comes up when you try and leave the page. On the popup they claim you can make “$278,430.62 in less than a month.”

HB Swiss

This is a ridiculous number of profit, and trust me when I say you will never make that much in a month with this software. Not even is your starting deposit was $250,000.00.


Having had a look through the website, I then decided to take a look at the video at the top of the page.

They have a man in a suit talking about how he came up with the software and it simply goes on and on.

Having checked the likes of fiverr.com I found quite easily that this man is an actor and so his story is completely made up.

Check and mate.


It didn’t take much for me to call out the HB Swiss software as a scam.

The website is tacky, the ‘developer’ is a fake as are the testimonials and though they are claiming it will make you a quarter of a million in one month, it’s more likely you will simply lose any money deposited into this software. Stay away from this guys!


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