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It’s certainly “Easy easy easy” to get mislead here and that’s where I come in to make sure YOU know the facts. Lazy trader is here!

I want to start by talking about how Lazy trader relies on and way overuses the word “easy”.

This is no coincidence, it’s their strategy to sell their product. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a “robot” that will just win you trades. I could see Lazy trader for what it was from a mile off.

So, it’s a very hard product to sell since it’s pretty unbelievable, right? Well, keep it simple and “EASY” then (haha).

The name of the software makes it sound like it’s user friendly at least and that it has to be easy to use since it’s clearly meant for “lazy” people.

More than meant for lazy people what the name of the software suggests is that you won’t need to do hardly any work to earn lots of money.

I’m just guessing that’s something anybody would dream of, but… It’s no reality.

Yes, be very careful when something like this comes along and sounds way too good to be true (Because it will be).

There’s a point in the sales video where you meet a character named Douglas who is made out to be just any old person sitting in a coffee shop.

He’s clearly poor and knows nothing about trading and hardly anything about computers. The point here is to make it feel or seem like ANYONE can use lazy trader, experienced or not, and still profit like a pro.


First thing you see when you open up the site is: “15K a day guaranteed…”.

Yes, that is HUGE!! Sadly, it is all for show since there is no substantial proof that can prove anything claimed.

Do you remember when the first trade is placed in the video? Well, they place a $100 trade and in no time at all somehow make back $387 just like that.

lazy trader

Let me tell you from an experienced point of view that these results ARE NOT real nor are they even possible to achieve.

In binary options payouts like this do not exist.

Come on, we are talking over 200% profit in this case. That is crazy!

The word “guarantee” of Lazy Trader

To the point concerning me now…the word “guarantee” everywhere is just “scammy” in itself.

How can you guarantee returns in trading, huh? You simply can’t.

It’s an analysis and risk game you are playing and even in the best of software you can lose money fairly easily if you don’t know what you are doing.

Everything is made to look dead easy, like anyone can do it to get you and anyone out there to give it a go even without the right knowledge.

I’d like to add that a so called robot software can never guarantee 99.997% winning rates.

A robot will only do what it is programmed to do and it is not programmed to adjust to the unpredictable future of the market.

It is very easy for a robot to lose and here these people are claiming that it more or less always wins. Utter nonsense.


With untraceable people in charge meaning they are nothing but scam actors and no real evidence to prove anything stated we can’t come to trust this piece of technology or anyone behind it.

The testimonials on the site are fake and I couldn’t seem to find anything real and positive from any other sources. It’s very clear that this is a SCAM.

The person in charge, Rick Daniels, is made to look like he’s a massive multi millionaire we hear of everyday, but we’ve never even heard of him.

Being a “Harvard dropout” doesn’t make you a Bill Gates.

If you get my drift, but that seems to be what’s implied.

This guy is an actor and everything stated is from a script made to sound just perfect.

There are no limited spots and it certainly does not work for anyone.

Don’t make a hasty decision if you don’t have the proof to really back up the facts. Don’t invest your money just anywhere and do your research first.


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