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Another day another scam guys, and today is no different. Nova isn’t your typical scam but we have it worked out already, so let’s have a look at what we have seen and why we believe this software to be a scam.


Firstly, there’s not much to this in terms of ‘scammy’ signs on the website itself.

In the last scam review, the website we looked at had all sorts of scam features added, i.e. a countdown clock, limited spaces, fake CEO etc.

They have done well with Nova in the sense that they have stayed away from all of these features and opted for a simpler site, clearly to try and trick more people into thinking they’re genuine.

I can assure you that Nova is not genuine and there are still signs you can look at that show you how ‘scammy’ this can be.

Let’s take a look: one of the first things you see when you look at the site is the claim that you will earn “$3,025 in 24 hours!” now, that amount isn’t the most unrealistic amount except for the fact that they change the amount you can earn in a day, 4 times.

The first you see, like I said, is $3,025 in 24 hours. Scroll a little further down the page and its $1,350 in 24 hours.

Check the video in the center of the page and you’ll hear $5,250 in a day along with $5,700 in a day.


Just think about that for a second, they actually have no idea how much this software can make in a day meaning it definitely doesn’t make close to those amounts.

Also, Nova is an auto-trader.

They claim it’s a 100% auto trader.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before but auto-traders do not work. I can’t stress this enough, you will never earn any sort of money using an auto-trader.

Stay away from them!

Scroll a little further down the website and you’ll see some features they claim to have, one being 24/7 support.

Now we decided we would test that one out and see, and lo and behold there was no support.

How could Nova be anything other than a scam at this point?


The video you’ll watch, was the main nail in the coffin for us here at suggesting that Nova is in fact a scam.

It is pretty standard in that, it’s a man in a suit, sitting in an office claiming to make you rich.

They stayed away from saying he was the CEO of the software, as they know people have started to realize that as a scam feature. What he does say, is incriminating enough.

Firstly he claims the software is free, however like every software ever, you must still deposit $250 to get it going.


He backtracks later and says you do need $250, but he has done that to keep you hooked until that point.

He also apparently doubles his balance in a matter of minutes, but guess what, you don’t actually see the money being made or the trades being placed. Suddenly, it’s just ‘Wow, look at that, it’s doubled in 5 minutes’.

Not the worst video I’ve ever seen, but still an actor and still a joke.


Though Nova managed to keep the ‘scammy’ tricks under wraps, it still couldn’t trick us into believing it was real. Between the random amounts of money you can make, to the actor in the video, I’d say stay away from this one guys.

Better to invest your money in something you have seen works!

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