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Another scam review for you guys today. This time looking at the Olymp Trade software. This software is smart, they have stayed away from the ‘scammy’ gimmicks so this took a little more time to figure out. Take a look at what I think:


At first glance, the website for the Olymp Trade is done quite well. As I said they have stayed away from the scam features, including not having a video on their page.

This is a bold move by them and it does make the software seem more reliable. Once there is a video, there are people you can find out are actors and they always say something scam-like, so staying away from having a video at all is a good move by the Olymp Trade.

Asides from not having a video, the site looks well. It is clear cut and sleek. You start by seeing a picture of the platform layout. This is definitely a layout we have seen before but that doesn’t mean it is a scam as sometimes it’s simply the easier option. When you scroll down, it offers you three reasons to use the software.

These are ‘Modern Platform’, ‘Integrated forecasting indicators’ and ‘Database of Strategies’. These are very clever statements as they are totally possible, there’s nothing crazy about them.

They don’t say the likes of ‘guaranteed $2000 a day’ or ‘24/7 support’ which we normally seen on these sites.

Scrolling a little further then you see the trade amount, the minimum deposit amount ect. Nothing there that is out of place or nothing that says it’s free when it’s not.


They have done this site well. As it was difficult to judge just from the site whether or not the Olymp Trade is a scam, I decided to enter my information and move onto the next page, hoping to find some clear cut proof.

Unfortunately, as I entered my info, I was told that the registration was not allowed in the country I’m in (UK) very strange. Not to worry, I used a VPN and gained access.

Here is where we got the scoop that this software is a scam. It was all in their testimonials. Now, you might be thinking that it’s harsh to judge a software just based on having some fake testimonials but let me put it like this: if this software is all that it’s cracked up to be, why would they need to have actors?

Wouldn’t people be queuing up to give them good reviews on the software they should be making money on?


Though this software put up a good fight, and I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong by anyone, I’m going to say that this software is in fact a scam.

The testimonials really put a nail in the coffin for me with this software and I’m going to suggest you guys stay away from it. If any of you are brave enough to give it a go, let me know and I will happily retract my statement.

However I doubt that will happen. Trade safe guys, I don’t think you should invest in the Olymp Trade.


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