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Today we’re going to look at the OS System software together and decide whether or not this system should be given a chance. From the get-go I can see some things on their website that points towards a scam and so we’re starting slightly from that point of view. Let’s see if the OS System can prove us wrong!


Before we even go into the video, let’s just look at the website they have put together. The very first thing you’re going to notice is the fact that they say you are going to earn $1m each month in your location. Don’t be foolish guys, you are never going to earn $1,000,000 a month with Binary Options. It’s simply not the type of trading that will offer you that return. Asides from that, the website of OS System looks cheap and quickly done (not well thought out).

They have covered the background in dollar notes, always very tacky! They have an IP tracker that closes in on your location, trying to make it seem like it more suited for you as the investor. Scrolling down, you will see a few paragraphs on the performance, technology and infrastructure that’s gone into this software. Obviously this is not true but at least they have put a little more effort into the site than I first claimed.

OS System
Scroll a little further and you will see a template of the software. This is a layout that we have seen many times before, and though having the same layout as another software doesn’t make it a scam. I feel in this situation, it’s clearly laziness and again shows little effort. Other than that, there’s a sign up form and a disclaimer. Nothing much.


After watching the first few seconds of the video, it’s clear that the OS System is your typical scam. Firstly, the man in the video is an actor I have seen before. Secondly, he shows us the ‘profit’ people who have been using this software made. Notice the dates of the transactions, all October 2016. I took note of this and checked the registration of the website, i.e. when it was first created. Guess what! The software and OS System were created and registered in 2017. So whose account is that? It’s not who he is claiming in the video. Having discovered this, I decided it was pointless to continue watching the video. This is clear proof that this software is a scam!


Though we started looking at this software only slightly leaning towards a scam, the OS System managed to prove that our initial thoughts were correct. The website is rubbish, their claims are untrue and their ‘main guy’ is an actor. I’m sure putting your money into the OS System is a waste and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. Stay away from this one guys, definitely another scam.

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