Profit Replicator App, is this really invitation exclusive as they claim it to be? That’s the question and let me tell you it has an easy answer. No. Let’s remember what we are told exactly.

We are told that we have been invited to something “special”, we are even told that we are one of only 97 people who will ever see the video.

It’s all is because if we have a quick look at the video on YouTube we can easily see it’s views are way over 700. So, no, this isn’t anything special.


Michael Griffin promises us a life of Luxury in just 2 days from the moment we sign up. What is this really?! Does this man think we are all idiots?

Apparently so if he believes we will buy this nonsense. Even if his system works earning something like 20k doesn’t make us rich enough to live a life of luxury. For some of us this won’t even cover the beginning of our debts.

It’s simple madness how these people dare promise and guarantee continuously all these things that they know we want and take advantage of to an extreme.

Micheal not only falsely promises us a lot of money and lifetime wealth, but he even says that if the system fails he will paypal us $2k personally “guaranteed”. This makes us believe we have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this apparent opportunity. DO NOT BE FOOLED.


If this really is binary options trading this man is talking about then you should all know by now that there can never be any guarantees of definite income. So, why promise all these things you can’t follow through with? Because it’s all a deception. All empty promises and lies waiting for us to fall for at some point.

The worst part of all is that this man who promises us everything can’t even show himself. I think this already tells you everything you need to know about the value of his word…

I did a bit of research which wasn’t difficult work and found out that Michael Griffin doesn’t exist. A mere scam actor lending his voice to the production of a worthless product sales video.

Bottom line, even if this guy were real, we wouldn’t have any legal guarantee on paper saying that he has to to do any of the things stated since theirs no legal contract involved saying he cant go against his own word.


I always wonder where all this info is at. If anyone is truly earning such amounts of cash through binary options trading there would be taxes applied to your earnings. This all depends on your country of residence and their laws. You can’t just earn 1 million dollars and retrieve it all for yourself, not legally anyway.

Brokers, this is another one that’s extremely important in anything trading related including binary options of course. Without a reliable regulated broker available for a software there can be no money earning at all.

They are conveniently not mentioned to making it sound like theirs nothing involved but signing up and enjoying the money ride. Where did you think your money came from?

The payouts are down to the brokers as they are also the people you deposit to via the software. However, we have no proof that this software possesses such thing as a broker let alone a good regulated one that will actually let us withdraw.


Huge SCAM!! We have no proof this “opportunity” will actually get you anywhere or make you anymore richer. It’s another earn quick cash easy scheme. The software was registered this year in October according to so any phony testimonials we may see are just that, “Phony”.

People claim to have used it for longer than it’s even existed when we all know that can’t be possible. Nothing about Profit replicator is true or has any proof to back their statements. We have good reason to advise you all to stay out of this one.


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