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Terabit TraderWhat do I mean by “History repeats itself”? Well, simply put, this is what I tend to call “Recycled” Terabit Trader, only that this time these people have taken it to a whole knew level. They aren’t just another Binary options scam (Obvious as hell by the way) using the same actors and repeating the same marketing scheme as all the others.


These people have gone a step backwards where working hard to deceive us comes into play. Terabit trader is using the EXACT SAME VIDEO for selling their useless system as GPS trader. Not only that, but the “CEO” for Terabit is the same guy who claimed to be the CEO for both GPS trader and safeguard trader, too. These were both reviewed negatively and are HUGE SCAMS.


Why would somebody just invite us in offering us a “free” $20K a day? Nobody would and when it sounds too good to be true just make sure your curiosity stops there and go no further. We aren’t even invited personally as they may claim or it may feel. This scam targets everyone equally. Even for a scam 20K a day is a bit of an exaggeration. 20 thousand dollars in 24 hours?! Guaranteed?!

Nothing in Binary options trading has a 100% accuracy and even if trading were 99.9% accurate( which it isn’t) you still could never in a million years guarantee someone something that’s not 100%. These people really outdid themselves this time.


I’m not going to say the speed of your connection has nothing to do with trading, but the concept is being used completely wrong here. Yes, if we have a fast connection we will be able to enter trades with pin point precision exactly where we want, but this guy isn’t a network provider so…how is buying into this software meant to provide us with that speed? It’s simply impossible that it ever would. Besides this guy who we all know to be a renowned scam actor is placing the importance of entering a position in a trade fast over the quality of the entry itself. Basically, if you don’t know where to place the trade it’s no good entering fast as lightning(Even if it were the case).


I realize today’s review has been very brief and possibly less entertaining than usual, but there honestly isn’t anything else I can say about this one without copying and pasting GPS trader app scam and Safeguard trader scam reviews I did quite a while back now. It’s no more than a mere clone of what they were trying to sell. A HUGE SCAM. Scam actor paid to sell us a product that is useless, same silly argument as in every other scam and complete clone of what GPS trader was. If you’d like to please check out GPS trader for more info on this one as they are practically identical anyway. Thanks for reading guys! See you in the next one!


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