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Within the website before we even go into the sales video, there are three points that Vena System felt important to make stand out from the rest. They claim that they have proven success rate, guaranteed daily profits($5K+) and(wait for it…), 100% risk free!! Simply, WHAT?!

Ok, first of all, none of these points mean anything if you haven’t got a way to prove that you aren’t just speaking out of your ass as they say. We are handed a “Proven” success rate that isn’t really proven anywhere and the other two just don’t make sense within the context of trading at all.

Basically, no such thing as “risk free trading” or “guaranteed earnings” since there are high risks and that can mean money loss. There’s also a profits chart for the whole year of 2016 which only goes up without a single “bump” down. Another reason that this chart is utter rubbish is the fact that this company has not been existing for the entirety of last year and only popped up recently. We are being lied to here shamelessly.Vena System

You get the typical “security” or “safe payment” logos that are all official looking, but are not. You should be able to click on them, but these aren’t the real certifications of security. It’s a cheap trick making it look all official and safe for you to deposit your money.


Marc Vena, apparently the CEO of Vena systems, lies to us more than once over the span of the entire video. I laughed at how this man claimed to stay out of the spotlight and not be on the wall street journal’s front page “because I don’t want to”, I quote. It’s pretty sad and hilarious considering he couldn’t be there if he wanted to be. He has nothing to do with wall street and is nobody in the trading industry.

This man dares say to us things like “We are a family”, “Completely honest” and “I don’t want your money” when it’s all the opposite in reality. He also claims we dont need knowledge or skills to trade 100% efficiently which is also untrue. It’s like rather than trading he were referring to a money printing machine since according to this guy you don’t need any skills or experience.

All of the automatic trading process going on is justified using this phrase, “Vena systems uses ‘clever’ in-built programs to take advantage of the world trading market”. This is basically like saying nothing at all. We have heard this all before phrased slightly differently. Just a heads up here, how do we know this “clever” program isn’t working for Vena systems since it’s so clever and all?

Marc Vena isn’t technically a liar, come on, it’s the actor who plays him who committed to lying to us all like this publicly. Yes, another scam actor who does this for money. All this man is doing is reading a script he is being paid to by people behind the scenes who are really responsible.


We have no proof of this software being in any way legit. To be honest everything is pointing to it being a huge SCAM. They’ve given us no trustworthy sources to work with to do our own research on the matter, they offer us nothing, but actors claiming to have used the software and earned X amount of money. Every testimonial we have here is FAKE. These people are no different than our fellow actor playing Marc Vena.

Well, we all know theirs no limited spots to this “opportunity” by now. There never was any special invitation sent out in a personal way and we know that. They’ve made sure that everyone can see this site and enter their details if they wish to, so please make sure you coldly analyse what you are about to do before you sign up since there is no real rush to get there first.

I do not advise signing up with this software and even less depositing. They claim not to, but they in fact want your money and nothing else. There are hundreds if not thousands of binary options scams like this one out there that target you and anyone they can. You aren’t obliged to do anything you don’t want to. Count this one out of your investment plan if I were you.


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