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This time it’s turn to take the plunge. It’s simon here for yet another written article on yet another binary options broker. Can we trust them? Let’s find out!


I have had a thorough look through history, their website and general background. The first impression is apparently a positive one, a VERY positive one at that! I reviewed High low broker not long ago and it’s bringing up the same feeling in me. For those of you who haven’t read about High low check it out if you want to and for those of you who know the platform will have guessed where I am going with this one for now. So far, so good. They look clean, but let’s find out…


Okay, so, one of the first things we should look for when we are researching a new Binary Options product (or anything similar), is REAL LEGIT REGULATIONS. This will show us how trustworthy a broker is so i’s very important we look for this information, okay? Okay, good.

I made sure I did my deep research elsewhere and didn’t just take their word for it and found out that they are indeed regulated and just as they said, in the British Isles, Malta and even Japan! This is great news. They are also award winning as a broker in the Binary Options industry for many different years and have many different awards. We don’t often see Brokers winning awards so this is BIG.

Something that really inspires my confidence is the fact that they have actually been around since the year 2000. That is a hell of a long time! They haven’t lost their regulations along the way which means they are consistent with how they treat their clients and are obviously doing things properly to keep their reputation(which seems pretty big to be honest) up to standards.

FREE LEARNING MATERIALS! is continuously encouraging us to join them by offering us what we need as traders(especially if we are new to trading). They offer FREE ebooks, webinars and more just for making your account with them. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. Extra info is never going to waste. This is all good stuff to take advantage of if you are thinking of starting in binary options.

English all-rounder

Another feature I really like about is the fact that I can deposit more or less using whatever payment method I prefer.
You can WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT using Skrill, Neteller, Credit/debit card or even Western Union for the sake of mentioning just a few. They’ve done a great job here since I know not everyone is happy being limited when it comes to withdrawals or deposits.

They have the usual assets to trade with. There isn’t much to add here except perhaps that they have kept the list of assets up to date with that of any other broker that we might know. So we have the flexibility of choice when it comes to what we want to trade.

All their links on the site work as you’d expect, has Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many others for you to follow them and get more info from their social feeds. I’m used to these links being phoney from all the scams I’ve done in the past and was pleasantly surprised that is not showing any indication of it being anything but what we are told it is.

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Surprising, but true. is a great broker that has worked very hard to earn it’s current position. They have the regulations and licenses aswell as the awards for anyone who may doubt them. We have no real reason to doubt them at all, they are in plain sight and seem to be completely transparent.

If you decide to give them ago, remember to contact us if you need any help and there’s a complaints section on if you ever needed it. Terms and conditions on their site is clear as day, so there should be no issue. is ahead in many ways, are NOT a scam and could very well be what you see us using next if we aren’t already by the time you read this. It’s been a pleasure to all you taking your time to read us. Have a good day wherever you are and trade SAFE.

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