Hello and good day to you all! (HighLow Broker) It’s been a while since I’ve sat here writing anything for you guys and honestly, that’s because there’s not been much worth writing up about.

Today, I am going to be talking about Highlow broker which really is one that I could not resist telling you all about. So, let’s get stuck in!


So, this is probably the biggest point anyone could make on a broker like Highlow. NO SCAM ELEMENTS. That’s right, at this point I am somewhat of a veteran at recognising a scam at a first simple glance.

It is very clear to me that Highlow is definitely being honest with us.

Upfront and really wanting to stand out, but in a positive way.

The vibe is good and there’s no sign of the extremely shady and cliché sales videos that are always a bad start to anything like this.

All the info is there right in front of you for you to see. Visit their website and check them out if you’d like to.


You perhaps haven’t heard this word in a while being associated with binary options trading, but it’s time for things to change.

When it comes to binary options trading if it’s regulated it can’t be bad.

It is extremely hard for binary options or anything in the “trading money world” to apply and actually get support and become regulated by a big authority.


There have been so many scams outnumbering the ones that are legit that sadly the latter have been forced into the shadows of the former and made us all very sceptical to everything.

With regulations comes responsibility and you MUST stay clean and do things by the book.

Being regulated means you are being reviewed and checked on constantly by the government authority in question and doing something shady could potentially close them down for good.

Highlow has been reviewed and awarded the status of REGULATED. You know that when a Binary Options broker is regulated you can 110% trust them.

Highlow is regulated by ASIC, making this broker a high standard Australian regulated broker. We can feel safe trading with them. Regulations extend worldwide, it just happens that Highlow is from Australia.


I am sure this is all going to be good news to all of you reading and looking at trading with Highlow at some point. The minimum deposit is $50 in every country and region Highlow is available to the trader user. In Australia and New Zealand however, the minimum is actually lower coming down to just $10.

English all-rounder

We’d still advise as always on starting off substantially higher on the initial deposit, but that’s entirely up to you. The great thing is this way we can all give it a go with a broker we know we can rely on and without needing money we don’t have in the initial phases of trading.

All I have to say about payout/profit rates is that they seem to be quite high all the time which is a good thing. It’s not worth the risk most of the time to invest and not get a high percentage back.

Payouts as they clearly and truly state on their website certain times go up to as much as 200% the investment. This is really nice!


I know a lot of you out there are new to Binary Options in general, but that’s not an excuse to not get involved even if you are afraid of losing some of your money in the beginning.

My point here is that Highlow offer us a completely free demo account to trade on.

This is 100% virtual money, it’s NOT REAL MONEY, meaning you DON’T have to deposit anything, give any if your personal information or risk a penny learning and getting used to how it all works.

30 Second Binary options

The Highlow demo isn’t deceiving us in this aspect either.

Their demo mode is real time market movements.

So if you are losing here, you’d be losing in the real account were you making the exact same trades, BUT if you are winning, those could be REAL WINS.

Basically, here using their legit demo account you can get a real feel for real trading just without risking your precious capital before you are ready. I’d recommend having a look and see what you think.


Highlow broker is simply TRANSPARENT. They have nothing to hide and want us notice them for it and quite frankly they deserve attention.

If you need any help they are there to help us (Just remember Australian timezone if you aren’t from that area) and they like to put us through verification before we even deposit and take no time in approving our documents.

This shouldn’t, in theory, matter, but what they are doing here is ensuring that we feel safe and know that we will be able to withdraw our money at a moment’s notice. Once you are fully verified you are good to go!

It’s been lovely talking to you all today. Let us know how you are getting on with this broker.

If you need trading support and are perhaps looking to have some fun at the same time, contact us and we will do our best to help you. 


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