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Hey guys, we’re back again today with another scam review. The software we’re looking at is called Markets World. This is another interesting product for a couple of reasons. It has also been quite popular for a while now, so I wanted to offer you guys my opinion on why you should or shouldn’t think about joining.


The first thing I noticed when I loaded the Markets World page, was that, just like another software we recently did a review on, there is no video in the center of the page telling you the history/benefits of the software. Instead you are simply offered written information on the site. This can be done for two reasons, one is that they simply didn’t see the need for a video and the other is that, videos can catch scam companies out. For example, by claiming someone is the CEO but a quick google search shows it’s an actor. I’m leaning more towards the former at the moment. Straight away you will also notice that there are no ‘scammy’ gimmicks. No countdown clocks or few available spaces, no pop-ups etc.

markets world

The website and logo of Markets World is well put together and looks professional. Like I said it offers you the information you need regarding how it works. For example, they are offering unlimited demo accounts (great) and when you’re ready a minimum deposit amount of $10! Not only that, they are offering a small amount of compensation if you refer a friend to the product. How great! Meaning you and all your friends will be winning too.


Markets World was first registered and setup in 2011. It has since gone from strength to strength in terms of customer care and ease of use, plus profitability. It is both a manual and autotrader, which is always great to have and to be given that choice. And also offers Forex trading along with the binary options. One of the first software to offer that service.

They allow you a number of bonuses that you can take if you’re interested and not only that, the website is translated in 13 languages!


Having decided to go passed the initial webpage and sign up for the software. I can tell you that the layout is very easy to use and offers you all the necessary settings, indices, commodities, etc. Everything you could need is set out in one place and a well put together software. I’m really quite impressed with Markets World. Though I have yet to do much trading, my initial view of the software is a good one.


Overall, Markets World has the history and the services to stand up to any binary options trading software. I would suggest you guys give this one a go, with such a low deposit minimum, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t. Having said that, if you want to give it a real go, don’t start with 10 it’s pointless. Usually the minimum is 250 for a reason, though of course it’s up to you guys. Markets World gets a thumbs up in my book.


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