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Hello everybody, it’s Simon here and today I am going to be reviewing Tropical trade and give you MY opinion on this broker. This is my first ever broker review for Binaryoptionsproductreview, so I hope to help you all as much as I possibly can.


OK, in general I’d say there are more pro’s than con’s to what I can see in Tropical trade which is of course a very good start. I’ve had a good look at their site and I must say the “feel” of the site is quite friendly. I’m taking into account the non-aggressive colour schemes and also the way they have layed out all of their information.

Yes, it all feels very comfortable to the potential client and it’s very easy to find what information you might be looking for on Tropical trade.

Tropical Trade

Everything is organised very well and they have made it all easy to read and comprehend. I can see no real intention to confuse us or trick us into joining them against our will (If you’ve seen as many scams as I have you will know what I’m saying here).


The Broker is offering us an easy to use web based platform (Similar to IQ option broker), so we only need our account, a browser and an internet connection. No need to buy a software.

It’s a sign up and deposit your investment deal with the Broker at hand.

We are offered trading signals to know when and what markets to trade in for the best results, a wide variety of trading markets (Currency pairs that include “Over the counter” trading, stocks, indices, commodities…), an education platform that helps us develop trading strategies and minimize risks through training videos and ebooks, the latest financial news and economic calendars, etc.

Tropical Trade

The Broker’s platform allows us to trade in more than just the “classic” binary options method. This broker allows us to select from 4 trading types, these trading types include: High/low (Classic price prediction), One touch, Range and Hyper.

Any information you need on what these trading types consist in are on Broker’s Homepage website.


I really like how Tropical trade is very “to the point”. We want to trade and they want us to! Simple.

With some brokers you can sell your option back to them for a certain time before expiry and depending on what the market is doing you will get a higher or lower price from your broker.

Tropical trade does not do this.

We are offered different account types like with most brokers depending on how much we invest initially.

Investments start at a minimum of 200 units of your currency. The more you invest the more services Tropical trade is willing to offer you.

It makes sense though, you show your support by investing your money and the more support/money you invest the more Tropical trade will be willing to give back.

This could be in form of trading lessons, bonuses of up to 100% and more.


Tropical trade broker doesn’t accept clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium or France and as far as I can see Tropical trade IS NOT regulated.

So, tropical trade is not regulated at the moment, but they are currently undergoing reviews for licensing from CYSEC and FCA. This is good news for Tropical trade if they manage to be well reviewed.

The bit about Tropical trade not being regulated is a bit of a let down, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. It would however help us trust them and invite more traders to join.

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