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Hello and good day to you all!

Welcome to our webinar’s section of the website, please note, if you wish to join our webinars, Please, make sure you do get in touch with us first!!

Our Skype are as follows:

 – binaryoptionsproductreview (Seb)

 – simon binaryoptionsproductreview (Simon)

I’ve provided the BOPR team’s Skype ID’s above so you may come to us for any questions you may have concerning joining the webinars and/or information on the best brokers to invest in.

If need be, you may even call us on Skype free of charge to discuss which option is best for you concerning our webinars.



Here at Binary Options Product Review, we understand that everyone needs that little bit of extra help.

That is why we are here, to try our best to help you understand about certain methods of trading.

In binary options, we believe in building a strong community, where traders can get together in these webinars and trade alongside each other as well.

As much as you might enjoy trading with us, we also enjoy the chance to trade with all of you.

We help because we can and it is that simple.

Here at BOPR we have a great amount of trading experience and have been showing our live trades now for years to the supporting community that you all form a part of in some way.


We are not financial experts and we do not claim to be.


What we aim to be is a guide for you to learn from whilst we do the same to keep helping the community as much as possible.

We want the community to grow and believe this is the best way to achieve this common goal. Binary Options webinars are important to the industry, that is why we are here doing them.


Just to make sure we all know when we should be expecting our invites to the sessions, below I will write out what times and days we are going to be there if you decide to join us:


  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday sessions will be at 10am UK time
  • Tuesday & Thursday sessions will start at 4pm UK time.

PS – If you can not accommodate these times, please let us know, we would love each and every one of you to join us.

As you can see we provide support every trading day of the week, from Monday to Friday.

There are evening sessions and morning sessions so that more people can make it to more sessions.


We offer two types of subscriptions for you to choose from, this includes weekly or monthly.


  • One week consisting of 5 sessions is priced at 100€
  • A whole month with us is priced at 300€


As you can see, you can try us for a week and see how you get on or go for the monthly subscription and get the benefit of more for less.

If you are serious at making it with Binary Options trading I’m positive that you’ll feel the benefits of being involved with fellow traders like yourself who have the experience behind them.

Our sessions are more than just for trading, it may sound funny, but it’s A LOT more fun when you are trading alongside others and in direct communication every step you take.

We accept all payments through PayPal which is a method that we all know and can trust. You may cancel your subscription anytime within PayPal itself.

Do contact us through Skype before signing up through our payment page as you are required to sign our Webinar Disclaimer first so we can see you know everything you need to know before making a first payment.

I hope to see most of you reading this article on the other side in the trading platform with us.

See you all soon!

General Risk Warning:
The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.